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The Clan Laing Tartan - there is a connection somewhere
The Clan Laing Tartan Above
- there is a connection - just a matter of finding it.

Tom Laing Family pics

A few early pics of me

There are mainly four family stories related here. On Tom's side - the Laings and the Nelsons. On Catherine's side - the Lyons and Mills families. The genealogy file is of course much more extensive than that.

Key Names and Marriages in the Laing Family History

The Laings

- English/Scottish connections

Laing/Lyons m 1995
Laing/Nelson m 1939
Laing/Shipley m 1906
Laing/Sherwood m 1861
Laing/Wilkinson m 1835
Laing(e)/Maugham 1808

The Lyons

- Irish/English connections

Lyons/Mills m 1962
Lyons/Turner m 1935
Lyons/Culbertson m 1888
Lyons/Monds m

The Nelsons

- English/Irish connection

Laing/Nelson m 1939
Nelson/Clegg m 1908
Nelson/Johnson m 1881
Nelson/Ferns m unknown

The Mills

- New Zealand connections including a direct connection to the first settlers in Sth Australia and New Zealand.

Lyons/Mills m 1962
Mills/Fitzherbert m 1930
Mills/Platts m 1901
Mills/Wright m 1854

This connection to the Wright family takes us back to John Evelyn the Diarist, and through marriage to the Liardet family and European Royalty.

It is a family history that extends around the globe - England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, Kenya, New Zealand with a foray or two into Canada and the US and other parts besides. It, of course, includes its share of colorful characters who have played their part, both large and small, in world affairs and the development of nations.

There are many families making a contribution to this tree: Laing, Veal, Lyons, Lawson, Mason, Nelson, Johnson, Wright, Miller, Gillett, Stocker, Roddam, Shipley, Brown, Murrell, Mills, Beresford, Fitzherbert, Hall, Muir, Fenton, Turner, Chilwell, Alpen, Smith, Westergaard, Margaret, Clegg, Porter, Hill, Nankivell, Harris, Perry, Trattles, Garrett, Wilkinson, Spooner, Robins, Heap, Culbertson, Clark, Harper, Mclintock, Caton, Evelyn, Boscawen, Carminow, Scott, Vernon. But really it comes down to a few.

And, like many other Australian, New Zealand, British, UK based families, it roots get lost in history - wars, imperialism, conflicts, take their toll on families and historical records alike. Penetratating back beyond the 1700's is nigh impossible.

When Solomon was born in 1997, Tom was working in Gisborne on the East Coast of New Zealand and was actively working with Maori who have a wonderful respect for relationships and the past. They are able to relate in which canoe their ancestors came to New Zealand. This prompted him to ask about his roots, but more importantly the ancestry of his children - Solomon and Harry. It is for them, as much for himself, that he has put this together. They need to know who came before, to know who they are...

This has been compiled from family trees gathered by many people over an extensive period of time. As resources come available online or through the efforts of other corrections and additions are being made. There are a few acknowledgements that I need to make. For the:

Laing/Shipley connections - Phyllis Laing
Laing Family History including the Wilkinsons
Dr Keith Scott - see Henry Laing,
Ken Perry - see Jessie Laing,
Eric Caton - see James Laing
Laing/Nelson Shirley Olsen (Laing nee Nelson)
Nelson Family History Cec and Kath Ireland
Lyons/Turner Familymainly Storm Forgan (nee Lyons), the websites of Rodney Hall in the UK and Geoff and Sheila Culbertson also in the UK
Mills Family Susan Beresford (nee Mills)
Mills/Fitzherbert Sally Falkner (nee Marchbanks)

Following a number of concerns expressed regarding identity theft, I have taken down the gedcom files. If you want information regarding any of the family names mentioned here please contact me.

My apologies to those of you who find your name or family name listed here without your permission. If you object please email me and I will remove it immediately. If you find errors please let me know and I'll thank you a lot.

I'm always interested to hear from anyone with more info. Thanks, Tom

Tom Laing Last updated 13 February 2010
UK-national Archives


Dictionary of NZ Biography

Wellington City Library

These pages are continually being worked on. Your contributions to the development of the family tree and history are very welcome.

Laing Family Tree Maker site

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