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Cluster development web based software

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Some Business and/or Enterprise Development Links

It is important that you appreciate where you are at on the enterprise development continuum - an idea, an activity, and activity with purpose (hobby, income generation), self employment, employer, corporate - because your responsibilities as a manager of the idea increase as you grow. Microenterprise in the US

What sort of activity will it be?

Home based - Homebizbuzz
Industry Training Federation Links

Borrowing from Mintzberg -To be successful in enterprise you need to understand:
  • Self

The foundation activities for enterprise are categorised as:
  • Administration financial, legal
  • Entrepreneurial marketing and sales
  • Integration - the CEO, the Executive, the Plan, vision, values, Goals and objectives
  • Operations plant, equipment, staff
  • Understanding - context and change in the enterprise environment around social, technological, economic, ecological and political trends which effect your industry, competitors, suppliers
  • Management - the loose/tight properties required in leadership and management to achieve the goals and strategies set
The following set of links will assist you with your thinking and planning to set up and run a business or enterprise. Some are specific to New Zealand. Others are applicable wherever you are
Make sure you understand cashflow, profit and loss, balance sheets (no point being in business if you don't)
Brookers provides integrated information solutions for legal, tax, accounting, human resource and business professionals.
NZ - Inland Revenue An Excellent site - Find their definition of a business
NZ - Companies Office Form a company online
Accident Compensation Corporation Don't get caught out

Understand the legal too!
NZ Government Online
Commerce Commission
NZ Companies Office
Inland Revenue
Ministry of Consumer Affairs
Ministry of Economic Development
NZ Customs
NZ Trade and Enterprise
NZ Dept of Labour

And the financial

MINE for Business Angels
Venture Capital - NZ
Sources of Finance
Google search Sources of Finance site:.nz
NZ Intellectual Property Office

Entrepreneurial Activities
One of my favorites to understand segmentation - Roy Morgan Research Centre - Look for Value Segments on their home page
Marketing plans

See the "self" section above

This is a very interesting resource Master Small Business"

Business PlansTemplates for a variety of businesses
US - Small Business Administration
Starting a business in Ireland
Quick MBA - Entrepreneurship

Up to you really - depending on your needs - but a good place to start could be your industry training organisation
Industry Training Federation Links

Understanding the External environment
Scoop News NZ
Business New Zealand
How to Law
UBD - Business Resources
Wellington Chamber of Commerce
Quick MBA - Strategic Managementalso good resource
Clusters another term for Networking but in a cooperative sense

A lot is spoken about innovation - here are some links
http://www.waveglobal.com An Innovation Audit using the six foundation capabilities above and six innovation capabilities

Research tools and Links

NZ Statistics - Business Opportunity
Sources of Finance
Google search Sources of Finance site:.nz
Business Planning - National Bank
GEM report NZ
Google search Cooperatives site:.nz
The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand
Solution Guides - National Bank



Home Biz Tools

Women - SBA online Women's Business Centre
Telecommuting Resource Centre
Home-based work US
National Association of Self Employment Micro Business - Home-based work US

NZ Stats
Work-life balance
ECCDT - Microenterprise
Small Enterprise Association of Australia and New Zealand
Microenterprise in the US

Wellington City Library

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