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The Christian Community
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The Christian Community in NZ

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Click here to see the pictures from the Camp Well-Away 2004-2005 camp

National Summer Camp
Registrations Welcome!
"Mountain Times - Summer Camp"
Sunday 6 January 2008 - Friday 11 January 2008

Please note: Change of Venue and pricing
Mangatepopo Camp, in the Tongariro National Park
for young & old, families & friends
State Highway 47, Tongariro National Park

The Camp provides a great chance to experience "The Christian Community"in "real life", in eating, working, playing, laughing, singing, listening, discussing, worshipping, dancing, sharing... with participants from all over the country. Parents with children can take the opportunity to freely get to know the "Act of Consecration of man" and have a rich adult programm while their children are well cared for in special children's groups for their respective ages. The Timetable of the Daily Propramme is below.

Mangatepopo Camp is situated on SH 47 in the Tongariro National Park, 11 kilometers from the Chateau turnoff. It provides self catering facilities for up to 50 people in bunkroom accommodation. In addition there is a 'Holiday House' able to cater for a further 10 people in comfortable rustic accommodation. There is plenty of room for tent sites if required.

Check their website -

Pricing Downloads Programme
(Subject to change)

Adults: $160
Student/Youth 12-17 $140
Older Children 3+ $120
Under 2 years FREE

Need or Offer Support - Donations

As perhaps there still will be a few individuals or families who would like to attend and would find it difficult to afford, we do have one suggestion for managing this problem:

It is the idea of a socially organised community, where those members of the community (here the participants) who can afford to pay more, would support let's say for example an additional child or long distance travel. This idea is based on Steiner's concept of the Threefold Social order where the equality in material goods is realised by the members of the community for a certain purpose (eg those who have more give to the ones who have less). If you are prepared to offer, or have need of, this support, please contact Tom Laing 04 977 5500 or 0274 203380
Downloads for 2008
Please print off and send to Tom
Tom Laing, PO Box 37124, Stokes Valley 5141

Flyer pdf document 126KB
Includes registration form

Indemnity Form pdf 35KB

This relates to 2007/2008 camp

7.30 Morning Circle, all together
8.00 Breakfast together
8.45 Children's and Youth programme start
9.00 Act of Consecration of Man
10.00 Artistic Activity
10.45 Morning tea
11.15 Gospel Study - Parables of the Kingdom of Heaven
12.15 Getting ready for lunch - children and Youth return
12.30 Lunch together
2.00 Golden Hour of Silence
3.00 Afternoon Tea then free initiatives
5.00 Choir singing (with Martin)
6.15 Evening meal together
7.00 Evening circle
7.20 The smallest children meet andgo to bed
7.30 The bigger children and youth meet and close their day
8.15 Evening talk of the adults: Themes to choose
9.20 Close of Day

With: Food Preparing: Pauline and all
Children Groups: NN
Kindergarten: NN
Schoolchildren: Helena
Youthgroup: Daniel and Steve
Choir: Martin
Organisation and Finances: Martin, Godfrey and Tom
Adult Programme: Martin

Youth Programme

The youth programme is for 12-18 year olds. It will be adventurous, fun and challenging. The activities will include games and activities. It will be a challenging and fun experience while the bush trip will be a fantastic opportunity for those of any skill level to gain bush skills and knowledge of our beautiful native forests. Essentially the camp is a great time to have loads of fun and laughter with a wonderful group of friends.

The youth programme will be led by Daniel and Steve. They are both passionate about the outdoors and giving people great experiences in the outdoors.

You will need to bring tramping boots or solid shoes for walking, a tramping pack, sleeping bag, torch and old clothes (that you don't mind getting dirty).

Please Contact Tom Laing if you intend to come.
PO Box 37124, Stokes Valley 5141, phone 04 977-5500 mobile 0274 203380
send him an email or text now

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