Tom Laing, Catherine Laing, Solomon Laing, Harry Laing Jan 2005 Tom Laing, Catherine Laing, Solomon Laing, Harry Laing Jan 2005
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Tom Laing Jan 2009

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Seems a bit odd having to start all over again, but I guess that's what I get for being away for 14 years. It's taken some time to reacclimatise even copping a speeding ticket within the first three months of being here. Times have changed - the laws have tightened up - far more speed cameras on the road - even it appears there are fewer road patrols.

My main concern has been to ensure that the family settles into Australia, which they have done. The boys are very happy with school, making new friends and enjoying the warmer climate. Catherine has settled in quickly too, being snaffled by the Community Living Project and becoming a carer for a local man in Willunga. She too is enjoying the warmer weather.

Work has yet to settle for me. In the meantime I'm doing what I can with a bit of consulting and getting involved in the local community, being far more cautious than in the past to ensure I don't over extend my self or our welcome.

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