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Here are some of the resources needed to build a web presence
Go to Free Parking - Domain registration and register your domain. You will need to set up the redirection in the first instance to your free website. We suggest you take the email option as well and redirect that to a personal website - total cost around $NZ90 plus GST

If you have the desire to develop a personal website - you might find these tools useful
CSE HTML Validator Lite v6.52

w3schools, Java, CSS examples

W3schools HTML Reference list
Perlscripts Java and Perl examples
wsabstract More Scripts - popunders

Betta4u Get Response
Free Auto Bot

1 Tools for analysing your web-site
Numion - speed diagnostic
Internet Frog - speed check
W3 Validator Validation Service
HTML help and validator
Link Scan

W3 Schools Service
W3 Schools Service - HTML reference
Key word browser
Key word count
Keyword counter
Jimworld Keyword analyzer
Key Word Analyser
256 colour chart
Doctor html
Net Mechanic
Web archive

Free Resources
Adlandpro Internet promotion
Freebonanza - Free Resources on the Web

Other stuff
Irfanview image manipulator

FTP the basics

Promote your website
Once your website is up you'll need to promote it. Apart from the Auctions on the left you can learn more from these below.
Adlandpro Internet promotion
Adlandpro Traffic Builders
1_hit Tool Rank
Site point examples
Marketing on a Shoestring

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Tiny Url

e-c.co.nz tools set

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Furl.net! Bookmarks online
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BIZ- Business Information Zone
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