What we do

Tom Laing and Associates can provide detailed and structured skill development programs for owners of micro and small businesses - but we prefer supporting our clients face to face or via the internet ( email, Skype, slideshow presentations) with a qualified and experienced business mentor.

Tom Laing, an experienced small business lecturer, adviser, mentor with experience in Australia and New Zealand, has long recognised that owners of micro and small business need a low cost yet comprehensive support to achieve their personal and business goals.

For many, the only option seemed to be paying $,000's for a business coaching program that they could barely afford.

Tom has designed both paper based and electronic diagnostics to determine what elements of the person-business relationship need attention. Coaching is then structured to meet the goals.


Diagnostic - what's the problem? What is really the problem? See our partners' metrics and diagnostic tools

What's the solution, practical path to solve the problem?

Supported through coaching, mentoring, consulting or advice.