Laing Lyons Family History

There are mainly four family stories related here Laing, Nelson, Lyons, Mills.

Auckland, New Zealand



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beresford, Jake   P10961 Ancestry file 
2 CHILWELL, Flora Fitzherbert  17 Oct 1917Auckland, New Zealand P827 Ancestry file 
3 CHILWELL, Isabel Fitzherbert  21 Jun 1922Auckland, New Zealand P829 Ancestry file 
4 CHILWELL, Loris Fitzherbert  18 Sep 1915Auckland, New Zealand P826 Ancestry file 
5 CHILWELL, Peter Knowles  12 Apr 1924Auckland, New Zealand P828 Ancestry file 
6 Fitzherbert, Dulce Una May  April 1901Auckland, New Zealand P537 Ancestry file 
7 Graham, Laura Kate  April 1885Auckland, New Zealand P12639 Ancestry file 
8 Holmwood, Alice Violet  Abt 1884Auckland, New Zealand P698 Ancestry file 
9 Norris, Irene Dorothy  2 Jul 1928Auckland, New Zealand P13134 Ancestry file 
10 Norris, John James  25 May 1932Auckland, New Zealand P13136 Ancestry file 
11 Senn, Norman Edward  25 Oct 1901Auckland, New Zealand P8994 Ancestry file 
12 Watts, Dorothy Katherine  21 Mar 1912Auckland, New Zealand P12642 Ancestry file 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blomfield, Charles Dudley  22 May 1976Auckland, New Zealand P507 Ancestry file 
2 Chilwell, Benjamin Charles  01 Jan 1950Auckland, New Zealand P830 Ancestry file 
3 CHILWELL, Flora Fitzherbert  2011Auckland, New Zealand P827 Ancestry file 
4 CHILWELL, Isabel Fitzherbert  24 Jun 1922Auckland, New Zealand P829 Ancestry file 
5 CHILWELL, Loris Fitzherbert  26 Aug 1999Auckland, New Zealand P826 Ancestry file 
6 CHILWELL, Peter Knowles  27 Sep 2004Auckland, New Zealand P828 Ancestry file 
7 Cutbush, Clara Augusta  17 Mar 1958Auckland, New Zealand P10808 Ancestry file 
8 Davidson, Jessie Katherine  23 Feb 2010Auckland, New Zealand P13121 Ancestry file 
9 Fitzherbert, Loris Madeleine  01 Oct 1964Auckland, New Zealand P592 Ancestry file 
10 Fitzherbert, Sybil Decima  1974Auckland, New Zealand P589 Ancestry file 
11 Gibson, Agnes Henderson  1953Auckland, New Zealand P4302 Ancestry file 
12 Hyde, Laura Beatrice Rose  1962Auckland, New Zealand P7728 Ancestry file 
13 Keates, Anne Eliza  23 Oct 1936Auckland, New Zealand P4324 Ancestry file 
14 Liddell, Ellen  17 Jun 1914Auckland, New Zealand P5703 Ancestry file 
15 Mills, Henrietta Cornelia Evelyn  3 Jan 1949Auckland, New Zealand P529 Ancestry file 
16 Mills, John Fortescue Wright  05 Feb 1944Auckland, New Zealand P490 Ancestry file 
17 Moffitt, Henry Edward  14 Nov 1915Auckland, New Zealand P683 Ancestry file 
18 Moffitt, Maud Evelyn  31 Mar 1934Auckland, New Zealand P690 Ancestry file 
19 Moir, Gladys  09 Sep 1959Auckland, New Zealand P13115 Ancestry file 
20 Moir, Margaret Emily  10 Jul 1983Auckland, New Zealand P13135 Ancestry file 
21 Norris, Irene Dorothy  1991Auckland, New Zealand P13134 Ancestry file 
22 Olliver, Russell Owen  2 Mar 1968Auckland, New Zealand P13079 Ancestry file 
23 Platts, Charles Oakley  1945Auckland, New Zealand P512 Ancestry file 
24 Platts, Daisy Elizabeth  1 Aug 1956Auckland, New Zealand P489 Ancestry file 
25 Platts-Mills, Adah Hamilton Evelyn  28 Jan 2000Auckland, New Zealand P496 Ancestry file 
26 Poole, Mary Margaret  1979Auckland, New Zealand P491 Ancestry file 
27 Powdrill, Lucy Edith  10 Oct 1997Auckland, New Zealand P7733 Ancestry file 
28 Powell, Marcia Anne  12 Apr 2019Auckland, New Zealand P2195 Ancestry file 
29 Read, Lewis  10 Feb 1934Auckland, New Zealand P5674 Ancestry file 
30 Senn, Emil Charles  07 Nov 1972Auckland, New Zealand P8992 Ancestry file 
31 Senn, Frederick Victor  21 Sep 1972Auckland, New Zealand P8995 Ancestry file 
32 Veal, Ronald Herbert  29 May 2007Auckland, New Zealand P5660 Ancestry file 
33 Watts, Bertram Alfred  2 Feb 1998Auckland, New Zealand P12643 Ancestry file 
34 Whitlock, Ralph Marcus Lawson (Toby)  5 Oct 2011Auckland, New Zealand P3358 Ancestry file 
35 Wright, Albert Edward Evelyn  1921Auckland, New Zealand P677 Ancestry file 
36 Wright, Sydney Evelyn  11 Jun 1920Auckland, New Zealand P672 Ancestry file 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blomfield, Ella Grace  Auckland, New Zealand P3314 Ancestry file 
2 Blomfield, Thomas Nevill  Auckland, New Zealand P3305 Ancestry file 
3 Keates, Anne Eliza  Auckland, New Zealand P4324 Ancestry file 
4 Lawrence, Grace Violet  Auckland, New Zealand P3304 Ancestry file 
5 Mills, Henrietta Cornelia Evelyn  Auckland, New Zealand P529 Ancestry file 
6 Moffitt, Maud Evelyn  Auckland, New Zealand P690 Ancestry file 
7 Platts, Daisy Elizabeth  Auckland, New Zealand P489 Ancestry file 
8 Read, Lewis  Auckland, New Zealand P5674 Ancestry file 
9 Whitlock, John Lawson  Auckland, New Zealand P3338 Ancestry file 
10 Wright, Sydney Evelyn  Auckland, New Zealand P672 Ancestry file 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Blomfield / Platts-Mills  1948Auckland, New Zealand F604 Ancestry file 

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