Laing Lyons Family History

There are mainly four family stories related here Laing, Nelson, Lyons, Mills.

Heighington, Durham, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bowron, Ann  24 Aug 1803Heighington, Durham, England I292140308854 Ancestry file 
2 Hutchinson, Jenet  16 Jun 1639Heighington, Durham, England I292007683801 Ancestry file 
3 Hutchinson, John  9 Jul 1604Heighington, Durham, England I292021381189 Ancestry file 
4 Lockey, Frances Annie  27 Feb 1900Heighington, Durham, England I292024115795 Ancestry file 
5 Lockey, John Suthren  Abt 1898Heighington, Durham, England I292024115794 Ancestry file 
6 Lockey, Margaret J  Abt 1896Heighington, Durham, England I292024115859 Ancestry file 
7 Loyzelure, Ann  17 Sep 1666Heighington, Durham, England I292007683591 Ancestry file 
8 Loyzelure, Mary  25 Oct 1670Heighington, Durham, England I292229419376 Ancestry file 
9 Loyzelure, Thomas  15 Sep 1675Heighington, Durham, England I292229419368 Ancestry file 
10 North, John  1683Heighington, Durham, England I290198696976 Ancestry file 
11 North, Mary  1727Heighington, Durham, England I290178137996 Ancestry file 
12 North, Richard  1619Heighington, Durham, England I292007683867 Ancestry file 
13 North, William  1651Heighington, Durham, England I292007683835 Ancestry file 
14 Wilkinson, Ann  1699Heighington, Durham, England I292023979422 Ancestry file 
15 Wilkinson, Ann  1719Heighington, Durham, England I292023979431 Ancestry file 
16 Wilkinson, Eleanor  1832Heighington, Durham, England I292135062682 Ancestry file 
17 Wilkinson, Hannah  Abt. 1787Heighington, Durham, England I290178138023 Ancestry file 
18 Wilkinson, Isabella  04 Dec 1798Heighington, Durham, England I290198700822 Ancestry file 
19 Wilkinson, Jane  11 June 1820Heighington, Durham, England I292135062679 Ancestry file 
20 Wilkinson, John  28 Feb 1766Heighington, Durham, England I290198696980 Ancestry file 
21 Wilkinson, John  27 March 1788Heighington, Durham, England I292008884083 Ancestry file 
22 Wilkinson, John  09 Nov 1788Heighington, Durham, England I290178138019 Ancestry file 
23 Wilkinson, Mary  1686Heighington, Durham, England I292023979421 Ancestry file 
24 Wilkinson, Mary  19 June 1801Heighington, Durham, England I290198700828 Ancestry file 
25 Wilkinson, Robert  28 Aug 1690Heighington, Durham, England I292007683538 Ancestry file 
26 Wilkinson, Robert  10 Nov 1793Heighington, Durham, England I290198053349 Ancestry file 
27 Wilkinson, Samuel  1723Heighington, Durham, England I292023979423 Ancestry file 
28 Wilkinson, Thomas  1692Heighington, Durham, England I292229419387 Ancestry file 
29 Wilkinson, Thomas  1716Heighington, Durham, England I292023979429 Ancestry file 
30 Wilkinson, Thomas  19 Nov 1813Heighington, Durham, England I290198700825 Ancestry file 
31 Wilkinson, William  24 Apr 1641Heighington, Durham, England I292007683580 Ancestry file 
32 Wilkinson, William  1692Heighington, Durham, England I292229419386 Ancestry file 
33 Wilkinson, William  Abt. 1723Heighington, Durham, England I290178136100 Ancestry file 
34 Wilkinson, William  Abt. 1751Heighington, Durham, England I292091063294 Ancestry file 


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ann  1655Heighington, Durham, England I292007683870 Ancestry file 
2 Gramshaw, Margaret  1782Heighington, Durham, England I292007683564 Ancestry file 
3 Hutchinson, Jenet  6 Mar 1714Heighington, Durham, England I292007683801 Ancestry file 
4 Hutchinson, John  1610Heighington, Durham, England I292021381269 Ancestry file 
5 Hutchinson, John  26 May 1664Heighington, Durham, England I292021381189 Ancestry file 
6 Loyzelure, Nicholas  17 Dec 1698Heighington, Durham, England I292007683782 Ancestry file 
7 Loyzelure, Thomas  27 Dec 1729Heighington, Durham, England I292229419368 Ancestry file 
8 Marwood, Agnes  1664Heighington, Durham, England I292021381387 Ancestry file 
9 North, John  1661Heighington, Durham, England I292021381378 Ancestry file 
10 North, John  4 Apr 1741Heighington, Durham, England I290198696976 Ancestry file 
11 North, Mary  1798Heighington, Durham, England I290178137996 Ancestry file 
12 North, William  1710Heighington, Durham, England I292007683835 Ancestry file 
13 Priarman, Ann  16 Apr 1732Heighington, Durham, England I290198696977 Ancestry file 
14 Pryerman, Mary  1653Heighington, Durham, England I292007683769 Ancestry file 
15 Smith, Hellen  1725Heighington, Durham, England I292007683850 Ancestry file 
16 Wilkinson, Margaret  22 Apr 1836Heighington, Durham, England I290178137999 Ancestry file 
17 Wilkinson, Robert  Oct 1648Heighington, Durham, England I292009476875 Ancestry file 
18 Wilkinson, Robert  1774Heighington, Durham, England I292007683538 Ancestry file 
19 Wilkinson, William  1682Heighington, Durham, England I292007683608 Ancestry file 
20 Wilkinson, William  Feb 1713/14Heighington, Durham, England I292007683580 Ancestry file 
21 Wilkinson, William  1782Heighington, Durham, England I290178136100 Ancestry file 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Rodwell / Wilkinson  27 May 1825Heighington, Durham, England F1439 Ancestry file 
2 Wilkinson / Chapman  13 May 1798Heighington, Durham, England F1436 Ancestry file 
3 Wilkinson / Farry  21 May 1818Heighington, Durham, England F3085 Ancestry file 
4 Wilkinson / Gramshaw  25 May 1714Heighington, Durham, England F1855 Ancestry file 
5 Wilkinson / Loyzelure  20 Oct 1685Heighington, Durham, England F1871 Ancestry file 

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