Laing Lyons Family History

There are mainly four family stories related here Laing, Nelson, Lyons, Mills.

South Shields, Durham, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAGLEY, Dorothy   P4058 Ancestry file 
2 BAGLEY, Henry E   P4059 Ancestry file 
3 BAGLEY, Joseph  27 May 1899South Shields, Durham, England P4060 Ancestry file 
4 BAGLEY, Margaret Jane  Abt 1901South Shields, Durham, England P4833 Ancestry file 
5 BAGLEY, William  Abt 1888South Shields, Durham, England P4832 Ancestry file 
6 BAND, John Morrell  22 Mar 1902South Shields, Durham, England P3631 Ancestry file 
7 BARNFATHER, George William  11 Jul 1908South Shields, Durham, England P4900 Ancestry file 
8 BARNFATHER, Jane  20 Nov 1910South Shields, Durham, England P4905 Ancestry file 
9 BRINTON, Robert Roland  1891South Shields, Durham, England P4025 Ancestry file 
10 COLLINGWOOD, Ann Isabella  1885South Shields, Durham, England P4014 Ancestry file 
11 COLLINGWOOD, Kenneth William  24 Mar 1911South Shields, Durham, England P4074 Ancestry file 
12 COLMAN, Christmas Frederick  Abt 1885South Shields, Durham, England P7130 Ancestry file 
13 COLMAN, George William   P7133 Ancestry file 
14 COLMAN, John Frederick  28 Mar 1908South Shields, Durham, England P7128 Ancestry file 
15 EARSDON, Thomas  Abt 1873South Shields, Durham, England P4852 Ancestry file 
16 FRAZER, Ada  Abt 1886South Shields, Durham, England P4889 Ancestry file 
17 FRAZER, Alexander  Abt 1870South Shields, Durham, England P4895 Ancestry file 
18 FRAZER, Caroline Jane  06 Sep 1883South Shields, Durham, England P4863 Ancestry file 
19 FRAZER, Daniel  1874South Shields, Durham, England P4894 Ancestry file 
20 FRAZER, Frederick  Abt 1882South Shields, Durham, England P4890 Ancestry file 
21 FRAZER, Jame G  Abt 1868South Shields, Durham, England P4896 Ancestry file 
22 FRAZER, John Dixon  1880South Shields, Durham, England P4891 Ancestry file 
23 FRAZER, Mary  1878South Shields, Durham, England P4892 Ancestry file 
24 FRAZER, Sarah  Abt 1886South Shields, Durham, England P4888 Ancestry file 
25 FRAZER, Susannah  1875South Shields, Durham, England P4893 Ancestry file 
26 GARBUTT, Caroline Jane  Abt 1850South Shields, Durham, England P4884 Ancestry file 
27 JOHNSON, Daniel  8 Jun 1812South Shields, Durham, England P465 Ancestry file 
28 JOHNSON, Margaret  May 1833South Shields, Durham, England P466 Ancestry file 
29 LAING, Isabella  Bef. 30 Jan 1825South Shields, Durham, England P78 Ancestry file 
30 NICHOLAS, John  Abt 1884South Shields, Durham, England P4810 Ancestry file 
31 NICHOLAS, Thomas  Abt 1883South Shields, Durham, England P4811 Ancestry file 
32 NICHOLSON, Octavious  Abt 1879South Shields, Durham, England P4072 Ancestry file 
33 PURVES, Alexander  Abt 1901South Shields, Durham, England P7322 Ancestry file 
34 PURVES, James  1896South Shields, Durham, England P4869 Ancestry file 
35 PURVES, Jessie  Abt 1898South Shields, Durham, England P7323 Ancestry file 
36 PURVES, Margaret  Abt 1890South Shields, Durham, England P7324 Ancestry file 
37 PURVES, Mary  Abt 1904South Shields, Durham, England P7321 Ancestry file 
38 RENTON, George E  Abt 1863South Shields, Durham, England P4195 Ancestry file 
39 RENTON, Thomas Dewar  10 Feb 1894South Shields, Durham, England P4178 Ancestry file 
40 RHIND, Jane  Abt 1888South Shields, Durham, England P4901 Ancestry file 
41 STEPHENSON, Mary Anna  Abt 1825South Shields, Durham, England P4822 Ancestry file 
42 SURTEES, Margaret Ann  Abt 1849South Shields, Durham, England P4851 Ancestry file 
43 TERNENT, Albert  27 Jul 1911South Shields, Durham, England P4862 Ancestry file 
44 TERNENT, Andrew Y  Sep 1939South Shields, Durham, England P4870 Ancestry file 
45 TERNENT, Caroline J.  Mar 1920South Shields, Durham, England P4857 Ancestry file 
46 TERNENT, Dulcie R  10 Oct 1927South Shields, Durham, England P4873 Ancestry file 
47 TERNENT, Frederick  Mar 1916South Shields, Durham, England P4860 Ancestry file 
48 TERNENT, Irene  19 Oct 1913South Shields, Durham, England P4861 Ancestry file 
49 TERNENT, Iris I W   P4872 Ancestry file 
50 TERNENT, Margaret  Abt 1883South Shields, Durham, England P4877 Ancestry file 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CARR, Thomas Milburn  Mar 1932South Shields, Durham, England P4866 Ancestry file 
2 DOBSON, Jane  Mar 1920South Shields, Durham, England P2011 Ancestry file 
3 EARSDON, Dorothy  Mar 1974South Shields, Durham, England P4046 Ancestry file 
4 EARSDON, Margaret Ellen  Dec 1956South Shields, Durham, England P4043 Ancestry file 
5 EARSDON, Robert Joseph  Mar 1947South Shields, Durham, England P4011 Ancestry file 
6 EARSDON, Susan  Jun 1974South Shields, Durham, England P4044 Ancestry file 
7 HANKS, Edward W  Dec 1922South Shields, Durham, England P3774 Ancestry file 
8 HILL, Joseph  Sep 1877South Shields, Durham, England P82 Ancestry file 
9 LAING, Ellen (Eleanor) (Elona)  1 Aug 1890South Shields, Durham, England P76 Ancestry file 
10 LUMSDEN, Barbara  Jun 1920South Shields, Durham, England P4903 Ancestry file 
11 NICHOLAS, Miles  Dec 1963South Shields, Durham, England P4057 Ancestry file 
12 PURVES, James  Mar 1964South Shields, Durham, England P4869 Ancestry file 
13 QUIN, Caroline  Jun 1939South Shields, Durham, England P3779 Ancestry file 
14 RHIND, Jane  Mar 1969South Shields, Durham, England P4901 Ancestry file 
15 STEPHENSON, Mary Anna  10 Oct 1906South Shields, Durham, England P4822 Ancestry file 
16 TENNENT, Isabella  1910South Shields, Durham, England P4040 Ancestry file 
17 TERNENT, Caroline J.  8 May 2009South Shields, Durham, England P4857 Ancestry file 
18 TERNENT, Frederick  Mar 1916South Shields, Durham, England P4860 Ancestry file 
19 TERNENT, Henry  Dec 1938South Shields, Durham, England P4033 Ancestry file 
20 TERNENT, Mark  Jun 1956South Shields, Durham, England P4037 Ancestry file 
21 TERNENT, Mary A  Jun 1919South Shields, Durham, England P4858 Ancestry file 
22 TERNENT, Norma  Sep 1940South Shields, Durham, England P4871 Ancestry file 
23 TERNENT, Polly  Mar 1916South Shields, Durham, England P4859 Ancestry file 
24 TERNENT, Robert Joseph  19 Mar 1943South Shields, Durham, England P4035 Ancestry file 
25 TERNENT, Thomas  Sep 1955South Shields, Durham, England P4034 Ancestry file 
26 THOMPSON, Mary ELizabeth  Sep 1932South Shields, Durham, England P4045 Ancestry file 
27 WILKINSON, Florence Rebaca  Jun 1930South Shields, Durham, England P4802 Ancestry file 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 HALL / MILLER  08 May 1888South Shields, Durham, England F950 Ancestry file 
2 PYCROFT / BROWN  19 Dec 1826South Shields, Durham, England F952 Ancestry file 

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