Laing Lyons Family History

There are mainly four family stories related here Laing, Nelson, Lyons, Mills.

Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allenby, John  1831Lancashire, England I292005999566 Ancestry file 
2 Allenby, John  1831Lancashire, England P6504 Laing family 0106202 
3 Clegg, Ann  1750Lancashire, England I292338375156 Ancestry file 
4 Clegg, John  Abt 1791Lancashire, England P1912 The Short Tree 
5 Clegg, John  Abt 1791Lancashire, England I290134009701 Ancestry file 
6 Clegg, John  Abt 1791Lancashire, England P2696 Laing family 0106202 
7 Fielden, Jane  January 1877Lancashire, England P370 The Short Tree 
8 Fielden, Jane  January 1877Lancashire, England I290118356581 Ancestry file 
9 Fielden, Jane  January 1877Lancashire, England P433 Laing family 0106202 
10 Fielding, John  22 Jun 1826Lancashire, England P1772 The Short Tree 
11 Fielding, John  22 Jun 1826Lancashire, England I290125932601 Ancestry file 
12 Fielding, John  22 Jun 1826Lancashire, England P2526 Laing family 0106202 
13 Green, John  Abt 1791Lancashire, England I292288139215 Ancestry file 
14 Green, John  Abt 1791Lancashire, England P12491 Laing family 0106202 
15 Greenwood, John  1816Lancashire, England P1554 The Short Tree 
16 Greenwood, John  1816Lancashire, England I290053067302 Ancestry file 
17 Greenwood, John  1816Lancashire, England P2201 Laing family 0106202 
18 Hamer, Jabez  1742Lancashire, England I292338375627 Ancestry file 
19 Heap, William  27 Dec 1797Lancashire, England I292128404618 Ancestry file 
20 Hodgkinson, Mary  1865Lancashire, England I292258036171 Ancestry file 
21 Hodgkinson, Mary  1865Lancashire, England P12486 Laing family 0106202 
22 Marr, Nancy  1795Lancashire, England I292205560589 Ancestry file 
23 Marr, Nancy  1795Lancashire, England P2064 Laing family 0106202 
24 Phyzackerley, Dinah  1776Lancashire, England I290197588038 Ancestry file 
25 Phyzackerley, Dinah  1776Lancashire, England P5428 Laing family 0106202 
26 Radley, Joseph  1735Lancashire, England I292335154372 Ancestry file 
27 Ray, John  1842Lancashire, England I292205560732 Ancestry file 
28 Ray, John  1842Lancashire, England P11906 Laing family 0106202 
29 Schofield, Richard  Abt 1776Lancashire, England P756 The Short Tree 
30 Schofield, Richard  Abt 1776Lancashire, England I48370729185 Ancestry file 
31 Schofield, Richard  Abt 1776Lancashire, England P1029 Laing family 0106202 
32 Scholfield, Deborah  Abt. 1760Lancashire, England P767 The Short Tree 
33 Scholfield, Deborah  Abt. 1760Lancashire, England I48370733419 Ancestry file 
34 Scholfield, Deborah  Abt. 1760Lancashire, England P1040 Laing family 0106202 
35 Stott, Martha  Abt 1758Lancashire, England I292080820870 Ancestry file 
36 Stott, Martha  Abt 1758Lancashire, England P1058 Laing family 0106202 
37 Trafford, Lady Elizabeth  26 Sep 1529Lancashire, England I292258032062 Ancestry file 
38 Trafford, Lady Elizabeth  26 Sep 1529Lancashire, England P12465 Laing family 0106202 
39 Travis, Hannah  Abt 1801Lancashire, England P1910 The Short Tree 
40 Travis, Hannah  Abt 1801Lancashire, England I290134042032 Ancestry file 
41 Travis, Hannah  Abt 1801Lancashire, England P2694 Laing family 0106202 
42 Turner, Margaret  31 Mar 1907Lancashire, England P372 The Short Tree 
43 Turner, Margaret  31 Mar 1907Lancashire, England I290118356582 Ancestry file 
44 Turner, Margaret  31 Mar 1907Lancashire, England P435 Laing family 0106202 


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Clegg, John  17 Dec 1862Lancashire, England P1912 The Short Tree 
2 Clegg, John  17 Dec 1862Lancashire, England I290134009701 Ancestry file 
3 Clegg, John  17 Dec 1862Lancashire, England P2696 Laing family 0106202 
4 Everall, James Herbert  23 Mar 1953Lancashire, England I292026389487 Ancestry file 
5 Everall, James Herbert  23 Mar 1953Lancashire, England P7517 Laing family 0106202 
6 Grayson, Patience  10 May 1892Lancashire, England P398 The Short Tree 
7 Grayson, Patience  10 May 1892Lancashire, England I290138010979 Ancestry file 
8 Grayson, Patience  10 May 1892Lancashire, England P466 Laing family 0106202 
9 Green, Sarah  July 1867Lancashire, England I292258036166 Ancestry file 
10 Green, Sarah  July 1867Lancashire, England P12489 Laing family 0106202 
11 Hodgkinson, John Alfred  8 April 1924Lancashire, England I292258036169 Ancestry file 
12 Hodgkinson, John Alfred  8 April 1924Lancashire, England P12487 Laing family 0106202 
13 Longworth, George  1700Lancashire, England I292258033850 Ancestry file 
14 Longworth, George  1700Lancashire, England P12466 Laing family 0106202 
15 Moore, Frank  7 Mar 1958Lancashire, England I292337845573 Ancestry file 
16 Nuttall, Benjamin Standring  18 April 1869Lancashire, England I292080833892 Ancestry file 
17 Nuttall, Benjamin Standring  18 April 1869Lancashire, England P8839 Laing family 0106202 
18 Pilling, Margaret (Peggy)  15 Jun 1957Lancashire, England P984 The Short Tree 
19 Pilling, Margaret (Peggy)  15 Jun 1957Lancashire, England I290132238270 Ancestry file 
20 Pilling, Margaret (Peggy)  15 Jun 1957Lancashire, England P1309 Laing family 0106202 
21 Radley, James  22 Jul 1879Lancashire, England I292092394442 Ancestry file 
22 Radley, James  22 Jul 1879Lancashire, England P8651 Laing family 0106202 
23 Trafford, Sir Edmund 10GG  14 May 1590Lancashire, England I292258030425 Ancestry file 
24 Trafford, Sir Edmund 10GG  14 May 1590Lancashire, England P12456 Laing family 0106202 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Newton, Norman John  2 Apr 1962Lancashire, England I290164449559 Ancestry file 
2 Tinsley, Isabella  17 Sep 1932Lancashire, England I292032436077 Ancestry file 
3 Tinsley, Isabella  17 Sep 1932Lancashire, England P7802 Laing family 0106202 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Proudman / Minshull  8 May 1900Lancashire, England F1867 Laing family 0106202 
2 Proudman / Minshull  8 May 1900Lancashire, England F1261 Ancestry file 

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