Laing Lyons Family History

There are mainly four family stories related here Laing, Nelson, Lyons, Mills.

Stockton, Durham



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Carter, George Clifton  1925Stockton, Durham I292364121572 Ancestry file 
2 Gent, Marjorie  31 Dec 1931Stockton, Durham I290190620040 Ancestry file 
3 Gent, Marjorie  31 Dec 1931Stockton, Durham P5018 Laing family 0106202 
4 Hall, Ivy  24 Jun 1913Stockton, Durham I292225883869 Ancestry file 
5 Hall, Ivy  24 Jun 1913Stockton, Durham P2087 Laing family 0106202 
6 Huzzard, Victor  3 Feb 1930Stockton, Durham I292068006609 Ancestry file 
7 Huzzard, Victor  3 Feb 1930Stockton, Durham P8344 Laing family 0106202 
8 Laing, Agnes Catherine  January 1900Stockton, Durham P1052 The Short Tree 
9 Laing, Arthur Francis  1937Stockton, Durham I290198346542 Ancestry file 
10 Laing, Arthur Francis  1937Stockton, Durham P2227 Laing family 0106202 
11 Laing, Barbara L  24 Dec 1915Stockton, Durham P28 The Short Tree 
12 Laing, Barbara L  24 Dec 1915Stockton, Durham I290163814341 Ancestry file 
13 Laing, Barbara L  24 Dec 1915Stockton, Durham P31 Laing family 0106202 
14 LAING, Cissie   P1559 The Short Tree 
15 LAING, Cissie   I290053160119 Ancestry file 
16 LAING, Cissie   P1383 Laing family 0106202 
17 Laing, Doreen  7 Jun 1925Stockton, Durham I292073185839 Ancestry file 
18 Laing, Doreen  7 Jun 1925Stockton, Durham P2125 Laing family 0106202 
19 Laing, Geoffrey Arnold  4 Apr 1918Stockton, Durham I290187425443 Ancestry file 
20 Laing, Geoffrey Arnold  4 Apr 1918Stockton, Durham P35 Laing family 0106202 
21 Laing, Kathleen Agnes  24 Jun 1927Stockton, Durham I292118365606 Ancestry file 
22 Laing, Kathleen Agnes  24 Jun 1927Stockton, Durham P2229 Laing family 0106202 
23 Laing, Lilian Eleanor  Mar 1881Stockton, Durham P66 Laing family 0106202 
24 Laing, Lilian Elleanor  Mar 1881Stockton, Durham I290049365959 Ancestry file 
25 Laing, Terence Allan  8 Feb 1929Stockton, Durham I290198346523 Ancestry file 
26 Laing, Terence Allan  8 Feb 1929Stockton, Durham P2228 Laing family 0106202 
27 Laing, William Maurice  6 April 1902Stockton, Durham P38 The Short Tree 
28 Laing, William Maurice I’Anson  6 April 1902Stockton, Durham I48361097683 Ancestry file 
29 Laing, William Maurice I’Anson  6 April 1902Stockton, Durham P44 Laing family 0106202 
30 McNaughton, Lillian  29 Mar 1906Stockton, Durham I292118366621 Ancestry file 
31 McNaughton, Lillian  29 Mar 1906Stockton, Durham P2209 Laing family 0106202 
32 Nesom, Lettice  July 1839Stockton, Durham I292138607244 Ancestry file 
33 Nesom, Lettice  July 1839Stockton, Durham P2828 Laing family 0106202 
34 Purcifer, Kathleen A   I290190153625 Ancestry file 
35 Purcifer, Kathleen A   P4933 Laing family 0106202 
36 Sowerby, Grace  January 1851Stockton, Durham I292009467009 Ancestry file 
37 Sowerby, Grace  January 1851Stockton, Durham P6798 Laing family 0106202 
38 Stephens, "Bet" (Elsie M)  15 Feb 1912Stockton, Durham I292229936178 Ancestry file 
39 Stephens, "Bet" (Elsie M)  15 Feb 1912Stockton, Durham P11501 Laing family 0106202 
40 Surtees, Florence May  1898Stockton, Durham I292368654406 Ancestry file 
41 Walker, Colin N   I292039766951 Ancestry file 
42 Walker, Colin N   P8101 Laing family 0106202 
43 Wilkinson, Douglas J  25 Sep 1919Stockton, Durham I292023598082 Ancestry file 
44 Wilkinson, Douglas J  25 Sep 1919Stockton, Durham P1399 Laing family 0106202 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, Mary  April 1909Stockton, Durham P969 The Short Tree 
2 Barton, Sheraton  April 1890Stockton, Durham P2754 The Short Tree 
3 Bowron, Ann  1854Stockton, Durham I292140308854 Ancestry file 
4 Bowron, Ann  1854Stockton, Durham P9353 Laing family 0106202 
5 Chesney, Jane Elizabeth  October 1898Stockton, Durham I292311889083 Ancestry file 
6 Crosby, Eleanor  October 1904Stockton, Durham P280 The Short Tree 
7 Crosby, Eleanor  October 1904Stockton, Durham I290028507960 Ancestry file 
8 Crosby, Eleanor  October 1904Stockton, Durham P335 Laing family 0106202 
9 Crosby, George Crow  25 Apr 1897Stockton, Durham P1564 The Short Tree 
10 Crosby, George Crowe  25 Apr 1897Stockton, Durham I290144339889 Ancestry file 
11 Crosby, George Crowe  25 Apr 1897Stockton, Durham P2232 Laing family 0106202 
12 Crowe, Dorothy  April 1873Stockton, Durham I290144620997 Ancestry file 
13 Crowe, Dorothy  April 1873Stockton, Durham P1411 Laing family 0106202 
14 Diamond, Catherine  July 1903Stockton, Durham P1557 The Short Tree 
15 Diamond, Catherine  July 1903Stockton, Durham I290144338265 Ancestry file 
16 Diamond, Catherine  July 1903Stockton, Durham P2203 Laing family 0106202 
17 Hudson, Frank Harrison  July 1885Stockton, Durham P1998 The Short Tree 
18 Hudson, Frank Harrison  July 1885Stockton, Durham I290136327678 Ancestry file 
19 Hudson, Frank Harrison  July 1885Stockton, Durham P2878 Laing family 0106202 
20 Hudson, John  October 1903Stockton, Durham P1985 The Short Tree 
21 Hudson, John  October 1903Stockton, Durham I290136327466 Ancestry file 
22 Hudson, John  October 1903Stockton, Durham P2841 Laing family 0106202 
23 Lawson, Elizabeth  5 Oct 1864Stockton, Durham P26 The Short Tree 
24 Lawson, Elizabeth 2GGM  5 Oct 1864Stockton, Durham I48360715663 Ancestry file 
25 Lawson, Elizabeth  5 Oct 1864Stockton, Durham P29 Laing family 0106202 
26 McCall, James  April 1907Stockton, Durham P1558 The Short Tree 
27 McCall, James  April 1907Stockton, Durham I290144338255 Ancestry file 
28 McCall, James  April 1907Stockton, Durham P2204 Laing family 0106202 
29 Mellanby, Ann  20 Nov 1860Stockton, Durham I292248859604 Ancestry file 
30 Mellanby, Ann  20 Nov 1860Stockton, Durham P325 Laing family 0106202 
31 Mellanby, Elizabeth  April 1862Stockton, Durham I292075950819 Ancestry file 
32 Mellanby, Elizabeth  April 1862Stockton, Durham P8619 Laing family 0106202 
33 Mellanby, Mary  July 1872Stockton, Durham I292075951081 Ancestry file 
34 Mellanby, Mary  July 1872Stockton, Durham P8629 Laing family 0106202 
35 Mellanby, Thomas  July 1864Stockton, Durham I292094014023 Ancestry file 
36 Mellanby, Thomas  July 1864Stockton, Durham P5128 Laing family 0106202 
37 Nesom, Sarah  April 1891Stockton, Durham I292138607347 Ancestry file 
38 Nesom, Sarah  April 1891Stockton, Durham P11311 Laing family 0106202 
39 Shepherd, Ann  26 January 1863Stockton, Durham P80 The Short Tree 
40 Shepherd, Ann  26 January 1863Stockton, Durham I48361115922 Ancestry file 
41 Shepherd, Ann  26 January 1863Stockton, Durham P90 Laing family 0106202 
42 Sherwood, Thomas  22 May 1878Stockton, Durham P27 The Short Tree 
43 Sherwood, Thomas  22 May 1878Stockton, Durham I48360715300 Ancestry file 
44 Sherwood, Thomas  22 May 1878Stockton, Durham P30 Laing family 0106202 
45 Simpson, Margaret  15 Feb 1901Stockton, Durham I290028316399 Ancestry file 
46 Simpson, Margaret  15 Feb 1901Stockton, Durham P352 Laing family 0106202 
47 Surtees, Florence May  1899Stockton, Durham I292368654406 Ancestry file 
48 Surtees, James Walker  October 1913Stockton, Durham I292311889023 Ancestry file 
49 White, Mary  January 1869Stockton, Durham P1576 The Short Tree 
50 Wiley, Mary Ann  January 1903Stockton, Durham P1984 The Short Tree 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Elders / Sherwood  April 1860Stockton, Durham F418 The Short Tree 
2 Elders / Sherwood  25 Apr 1860Stockton, Durham F811 Ancestry file 
3 Elders / Sherwood  25 Apr 1860Stockton, Durham F488 Laing family 0106202 
4 Gregory / Watson  April 1871Stockton, Durham F419 The Short Tree 
5 Gregory / Watson  April 1871Stockton, Durham F3837 Ancestry file 
6 Gregory / Watson  April 1871Stockton, Durham F489 Laing family 0106202 
7 Laing / Irwin  Mar 1922Stockton, Durham F294 The Short Tree 
8 Laing / Irwin  Mar 1922Stockton, Durham F599 Ancestry file 
9 Laing / Irwin  Mar 1922Stockton, Durham F346 Laing family 0106202 
10 Laing / Thersby  Mar 1929Stockton, Durham F293 The Short Tree 
11 Laing / Thursby  Mar 1929Stockton, Durham F3613 Ancestry file 
12 Laing / Thursby  Mar 1929Stockton, Durham F345 Laing family 0106202 
13 Norris / Perry  Jun 1926Stockton, Durham F158 The Short Tree 
14 Norris / Perry  Jun 1926Stockton, Durham F159 Ancestry file 
15 Norris / Perry  Jun 1926Stockton, Durham F181 Laing family 0106202 
16 Pattison / Anderson  17 Aug 1868Stockton, Durham F3593 Ancestry file 
17 Pattison / Anderson  17 Aug 1868Stockton, Durham F3072 Laing family 0106202 
18 Perry / Campbell  Jun 1922Stockton, Durham F2478 Ancestry file 
19 Perry / Campbell  Jun 1922Stockton, Durham F14 Laing family 0106202 
20 Simpson / Wilkinson  January 1894Stockton, Durham F3020 Ancestry file 
21 Simpson / Wilkinson  January 1894Stockton, Durham F1039 Laing family 0106202 
22 Stephens / LAING  Dec 1936Stockton, Durham F579 The Short Tree 
23 Surtees / Knapton (nee Thompson)  October 1899Stockton, Durham F3542 Ancestry file 
24 Watson / Sherwood  January 1846Stockton, Durham F417 The Short Tree 
25 Watson / Sherwood  January 1846Stockton, Durham F810 Ancestry file 
26 Watson / Sherwood  January 1846Stockton, Durham F487 Laing family 0106202 

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